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Undetectable equals Untransmittable is the easiest message of the campaign to take away, U=U meaning folks with consistent treatment and a viral load so low it becomes undetectable there is a zero risk of HIV transmission regardless of any protection. 

PAC were the trailblazers who created such a recognizable slogan and fun fact it translates in many different languages and K=K officially launched in Vietnam in 2017

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We are moving into a new dawn in 2020 where Canada should see at HIV testing hit the markets. Why is this a big deal?

Because stigma still exists and while there is absolutely zero fear in a positive test result the comfort and getting that result on your terms in the comfort of your own home will hopefully encourage folks to get tested and get tested more often!

Heck, if you’re reading this right now go get tested and bring all your friends. The safest and healthiest thing you can do is know and a positive HIV test result is just once step closer to proper treatment and an undetectable viral load.

CATIE is a fantastic and well updated resource specifically focussed around HIV and stigma.

While it boasts a wealth of knowledge recently they pushed a new campaign featuring a very familiar face we have all come to love, Randy Davis and his partner Aaron. The Can’t Pass it On campaign helps educate folks that an individual who is HIV-negative can live in unison with someone who is HIV-positive (who takes regular treatment) and never be as risk to contract the virus.


The CDC Global Toolkit s another great resource you can easily share with all the information about the science behind the U=U message. This particular toolkit can be easily printed out and shared!