On a dark and gloomy night last January, 27

-year-old photographer Mariel Nelms took the leap. After being targeted for weeks by clever Instagram ads that had been carefully curated to her tastes—a comfortable mixture of mid-century and California modern with bohemian accents—she finally gave in to the delicate pressure of furniture retailer Article’s social media persuasion. With one deliberate, resounding click, she plowed $1,500 into purchasing a Soma sofabed—stately, plush, dawn grey. A sofabed that she’d never touched, sat on or even seen with her own eyes.

It was a gamble. “It was kind of scary going into purchasing such a large piece of furniture and a higher-ticket item without ever sitting on it before,” recalls Nelms, who lives with her husband, dog and soon-to-be baby in a two-bedroom apartment in southeast Vancouver. But because she’d done her research, reading reviews and blogs as well as talking with friends who had also purchased from the online furniture upstart, Nelms felt the product would be as good as she’d been hearing on the street. She was right.

  • The sofa’s sleek appearance complements their
  • home, while its memory-foam mattress
  • draws compliments from overnight guests.